Do you want some extra lighting in your bathroom? Wondering how you can get the LED strips in your bathroom without ruining it? You’ll see that in this post.

Installing LED strips in bathrooms has become a new trend. It’s even more common than you’d think. Because it is easy to get these strips into corners to improve a bathroom’s aesthetics and brightness, you’ll find this décor more prevalent. Also, it’s more beneficial because of its increased versatility and water resistance. You can tape it in the shower, on mirrors, and ceilings. (more…)

12V vs 24v led strip lights- what makes them different?

You may be looking to install a low voltage lighting system in your home or office and may have encountered the DC strip lights. LED strip lights are known to have similar specifications without being distinguished based on unique characteristics. Without prior knowledge or insight into how the different versions differ in their various specifications, you might assume that there isn’t much difference since they are made for the same purpose. Though they may be listed as the same, they are not.


Guide to LED Architectural Lighting

A Handy Guide to LED Architectural Lighting

Lighting can change a building’s looks from classic and timeless to brand new and fabulous. The best thing about it is that everyone can have their own stylistic preferences as there are countless lighting setups. It is not just good for brightening up the interior but, apart from that, it can be a funky way of improving the inside or even the outside of any building. (more…)

How To Choose Power Supply For LED Strip

How To Choose Power Supply For LED Strip

LED Strips are an ideal lighting option for effect and accents in minimal spots. They are easy to install and have controls that make them dimmable. In addition, they provide a fully diffused long-lasting, glow for secondary lighting like under the kitchen cabinets, inner corners of wardrobes, garages, etc. (more…)

How To Manage Long LED Strips

How To Manage Long LED Strips

An LED strip light (also known as LED tape light or LED ribbon) is a flexible circuit board populated by surface-mounted, light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) and other components. They usually come with an adhesive backing. (more…)

Lifespan of an LED Bulb

What is the Lifespan of an LED Bulb?

One of the most widely know benefits of LED light bulb is its long lifespan. Unlike incandescent or halogen bulbs, that require regular replacement and maintenance, LEDs once installed will not need replacing for years to come. (more…)

improve your garage with LED lighting

Improve Your Garage with LED Lighting

If you’re looking for the best way to light a garage, you should start by considering your needs. There’s no perfect solution that will work in every case because a lot depends on the purpose your garage serves. (more…)

bathroom with led lights

Improve Your Bathroom With LED Lights

Lighting a bathroom requires careful planning because installing just one main ceiling lamp is simply not enough to achieve satisfying results. Add more layers to your lighting scheme by using bathroom LED lights. (more…)

Improve Your Bedroom with LED Lights

Improve Your Bedroom with LED Lights

Your bedroom is unlike any other part of your home – it’s your private personal space where you can not only sleep in order to recharge your batteries after a hard day but also rest in your free time. It’s not a surprise then that you want to make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible. (more…)

leds benefits

Benefits of Using LED Lights

There’s no denying that LED lights are incredibly popular. It seems like this technology has already gained a permanent place for itself in the modern world – it’s used in everything from small decorative trinkets and Christmas decorations to practical gadgets. (more…)