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Strip lighting is becoming increasingly popular not only among professional designers and lighting experts, but they are also popular among people who plan to alter the interior of their home or office on their own. The relative simplicity of installation combined with great reliability and durability make LED tapes an excellent purchase whether they're for your home, office, or business.

And not only that but the flexibility and customizability of LED strip tapes result in a vast number of creative possibilities. You can choose the length, brightness and colour of an LED tape to fit the space you want to design perfectly. We are one of the few stores that offer white LED strip tape with CCT ranging from 1800K (very warm) up to 6500K. We also offer single-colour red, blue, yellow and green tapes that are readily available to order from our online store.

Recently, RGBW LED tape lighting has gained popularity due to the fact that they are ideal for more extravagant projects, recreational rooms, and contemporary interiors in general. The designers use them in pubs, restaurants, dance clubs or other facilities - but there is no limit to their use. They are quite often installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms of private homes and, less frequently, in business spaces.

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Find Long-Life Designed LED Strips and Tapes at Marc LED

With Marcled, you can count on the best selection of LED strips on the market. Available in 12VDC and 24VDC variants, our LED tapes are guaranteed to be compatible with your home, office, or any other location you wish to install them in. No matter which voltage you choose, you can be sure you’ll get the option that is not only cheap and very flexible but also pretty much the best on the market.

Choose from a wide array of options. Whether you’re looking for something in completely neutral white, something warmer or something colder, you are guaranteed to find just the right light colour and intensity of LED tape light that will complement your design perfectly. Or perhaps you’d like something more flexible? Check out our dimmable LED options!

It also doesn’t matter how much tape you need – here at Marc LED, we make sure we adjust our offers to meet your needs, and we ensure that you'll find LED tape lights of the precise length you want! So, whether you only need one metre, five metres, or more, you can get exactly the right light tape of the size you need from Marc LED.

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Strip Tapes

What are LED Tapes?

An LED tape, as its name suggests, is a tape with LED lights adhered to it. The concept itself is simple, and there are a lot of variations: different tape lengths, different tape widths, different spaces between LED lights, different LED colours, different LED light intensities, and more. Basically, any variation you can think of is covered under the term 'LED tape'.

Why are LED Tapes Popular?

LED tapes are becoming increasingly popular, and you'll very often see them during Christmas, in recreational rooms, in customer-facing offices, kiosks, and much more. Their increasing popularity is due to a few reasons:

  • LED tapes are inexpensive with moderate energy consumption: LED tapes are extremely affordable (you can find them for as low as 20 pounds in our store), and they have an outsized impact on an interior or exterior's design despite their cost: effective use of LED tapes can completely transform a place. And unlike other types of lighting (that can achieve similar effects), LED strip lights consume far less energy.
  • LED tapes are extremely versatile: you can do virtually anything you want with LED strip tapes. You can wrap them around a tree, you can use them in a computer case, you can stick them to the exterior of a kiosk, and you can make a fish tank in an office look impressive. They are far more versatile than other types of lighting, and they can be used virtually anywhere you want.
  • LED tapes are en vogue: recently, due to a variety of reasons from prominent designers embracing LED tapes to hobbyists making extensive use of them in their recreational rooms, LED tapes are becoming increasingly popular. Although it is impossible to pretend whether this trend will continue, and how long will it continue (all trends eventually come to an end), but they're en vogue now.

What Tape Do LED Lights Use?

Although LED tape refers to LED lights adhered to a strip, it needs actual tape to adhere the strip to various surfaces (which causes some confusion due to its name). Usually, the best tape to use is strong, double-sided, and a size that perfectly fits the LED strip. If you want to create intricate designs with LED strips, you need a tape that can defy gravity and fasten the strip properly to any surface you pick.

How to Prepare a Surface before Adhering an LED Strip to It

The process of adhering an LED tape to a surface is crucial: it determines how good your design looks, how long it lasts, and how reliable it is. Regardless of the quality of the LED strip, if you don't adhere it to surfaces properly, you won't get the desired results. Thankfully, preparing a surface before adhering an LED strip to it is not difficult:

  • Choose a smooth surface and make sure it is dry and clean before you adhere the LED tape to it. You can use alcohol or a damp cloth to clean the surface before you begin. Wait until the surface dries first.
  • Tapes usually work better when they're warmer, so while this step is optional, you can warm up the tape and the LED strip slightly with a hairdryer to make the adhesive stronger.
  • When applying the adhesive/tape, make sure you do it carefully and slowly. There's no need to rush. The design will stay like that for months or years, and you need to get it right!

Can LED Tape Be Cut?

It depends on the type of the LED tape. Low-quality LED strip tapes usually sold by questionable stores are as-is and you can't cut them. On the other hand, here at Merc LED, we find it paramount to give full control to our customers, and our LED lights can be easily cut to any size you see fit. The video we host on this page shows you precisely how to do it.