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Ingress Protection (IP)


Colour temperature (CCT)

Watts per metre

Beam angle



Input voltage

LED chip

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Light colour


Lumens per metre


PCB width


LED Strips / Tapes

Strip lighting is becoming increasingly popular not only among professional designers and lighting experts, but they are also popular among people who plan to alter the interior of their home or office on their own. The relative simplicity of installation combined with great reliability and durability make LED tapes an excellent purchase whether they're for your home, office, or business. Check out our LED tape lights below: They come in a variety of colours, sizes, and lengths.

Why Buy LED Strip Lights?

The flexibility and customizability of LED strip lights result in a vast number of creative possibilities. You can choose the length, brightness and colour of an LED tape to fit the space you want to design perfectly. We are one of the few stores that offer white LED strip tape with CCT ranging from 1800K (very warm) up to 6500K. We also offer single-colour red, blue, yellow and green tapes that are readily available to order from our online store.

Recently, RGBW LED tape lighting has gained popularity because they are ideal for more extravagant projects, recreational rooms, and contemporary interiors in general. The designers use them in pubs, restaurants, dance clubs or other facilities - but there is no limit to their use. They are quite often installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms of private homes and, less frequently, in business spaces.


Dimmable Transformers FAQ

What is an LED Tape Used For?

LED tape, also known as LED strip lighting, is a flexible strip of LED lights that can be used in various lighting setups. It is often used to add accent lighting, task lighting, or decorative lighting to a space. LED tapes are usually used together to create complex, attractive, and unique lighting structures.

How Many Types of LED Tapes Are There?

There are many different types of LED strip lights out there, and each has its own applications. The most common is single-sided single-colour LED tapes, which are incredibly versatile and have both general uses and decorative uses. Colour LED tapes are also incredibly common, and they're primarily used in decorations. RGB LED tape is also an option, which is incredibly popular for decorative purposes.

Can LED Strip Lights Be Cut?

Yes, LED tape can generally be cut to size. Most LED tape is mounted on a flexible circuit board that has marked cutting points, usually every few inches or centimetres. You can use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to carefully cut the tape at one of these marked points. Note, however, that once the LED strip lights are cut, they cannot be rejoined or repaired. Therefore, it is important to measure and mark the cutting points carefully to ensure that you get the desired length.

How to Power LED Strip Lights?

One of the most common ways to power LED strips is to use a dedicated LED power supply, also known as an LED driver. A power supply converts standard AC power to the low-voltage DC power that is required by LED strips. LED drivers should be rated for the total wattage of the LED strip and should be plugged into a wall outlet or hardwired to a switch.

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