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LED Profile TXL2

The magic of LED lighting lies in the details, and our LED Aluminum Profile TXL2 products are the details you need. These profiles are crafted to enhance the lifespan of your LED strips, ensuring they remain bright and functional for an extended period.

In this category, we offer a range of TXL2 LED profiles available in different finishes - anodized silver, painted white, and anodized black. These come in 1m and 2m lengths to suit various applications. We understand the need to feel and see the product, and hence we offer samples of our TXL2 LED profiles in all finishes. 

Enhancing Functionality with TXL2 Accessories

To supplement your LED setup and enhance its functionality, we also provide a range of accessories for our TXL2 profiles. These include extra diffusers/covers in varying lengths up to 20m to protect your LED strips, increase light diffusion and create softer lighting effects. 

Additionally, we offer TXL2 extra end caps to ensure a neat and tidy finish to your profiles. For more robust installations, our mounting brackets and straight/180-degree connectors make installation a breeze. We also provide suspension kits, which are perfect for creating pendant lamps or for installations that require hanging the LED profiles.

In essence, our LED Aluminum Profile TXL2 category is a comprehensive solution for all your LED lighting needs. With a focus on quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, our profiles and their accessories offer a seamless LED experience. Choose Marc Led, and let us light up your world with precision and style.

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