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Welcome to 'EA1 - Asymmetric Alu-Wall Aluminium LED Profile', a category on Marc LED that is dedicated to providing top-quality and versatile LED profile solutions, imbued with a blend of durability, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. This collection includes a diverse range of silver anodized, black painted, and white painted Alu-Wall LED profiles each recognised for their particular attributes and applications.

EA1 - Asymmetric Alu-Wall Aluminium LED Profile

The EA1 Asymmetric Alu-Wall LED profiles are an excellent choice for transforming a variety of spaces. Owing to their asymmetric irradiation, these profiles can create an exceptional luminous environment, making them perfect for both functional and decorative lighting purposes for residential and commercials spaces alike.

Whether you are looking for a '1m Asymmetric Alu-Wall LED Profile EA1' in an elegant silver anodised finish or a '2m Asymmetric Alu-Wall LED Profile' in a contemporary black or white painted finish, this diverse collection assures something for everyone. Included within this category is also a variety of 'extra diffusers' for the respective LED profiles, providing more options for configurability and integration.

The 'EA1 Asymmetric Alu-Wall Aluminium LED Profile' is designed to be unobtrusive while offering substantial luminosity. The diverse options available within this category allow you to customise the lighting to your individual needs and preferences.

Apart from their utility, these LED profiles add an aesthetic value to your spaces. The aluminium composition not only ensures durability and long-lasting performance, but it also contributes to the sleek design of the profiles, offering a visual pleasure solidifying Marc LED's commitment towards quality, innovation, and design excellence.

Marc LED is a trusted online retailer deeply vested in supplying a variety of high-quality LED profiles, LED strips, power supplies, and LED tapes, primarily to our UK customer base. We take pride in our vast product range, competitive prices, rapid delivery, and first-rate customer service, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients for all their LED-based needs.

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