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P2 LED profile

Welcome to the P2 LED Profile category at Marc Led. A leading provider of LED associated items in the UK market, Marc Led offers a variety of products for professional use and DIY projects alike. Our selection includes LED profiles, led strips, power supplies, and led tapes, but the spotlight here is on our P2 LED profile collection. Our P2 LED profiles range from 0.5m to 3m lengths, available in raw and anodized aluminium, to deliver innovative lighting solutions that would suit any ambiance or interior style.

P2 LED Profile – Lighting with Depth and Style

The P2 LED Profile is a perfect solution for customers who value efficiency, durability and modern design. Based on a system of aluminium extrusions, LED profiles offer high heat dissipation and protection for the LED strips, extending their operational lifespan. Available in raw aluminium or anodised silver, these products provide a sleek, modern aesthetic. With their adaptable nature, they are appropriate for a variety of settings ranging from residential lighting, commercial lighting and exhibition spaces.

Our P2 LED profiles come with a diffuser, designed to streamline light distribution from the LED strip, enhancing the visual comfort and minimizing unwelcome glare. Moreover, they add a touch of sophistication to your indoor lighting.

Take for example our [P2 surface LED profile 2m, raw aluminium, with diffuser] – perfect for creating atmospheric lighting in homes or businesses. Or the [P2 surface LED profile 2.5m, anodized aluminium, silver, diffuser] for a luxurious finish in commercial settings. We also have smaller lengths like [P2 surface LED profile 0.5m, anodized aluminium, silver, plus diffuser] which work well for accent lighting in confined spaces, not forgetting the [Sample of P2 LED profile surface extrusion, raw aluminium, with diffuser], a perfect starting point for anyone new to LED lighting.

Shop with Marc Led for your P2 LED Profiles and experience the seamless integration of functionality, style, and quality. We offer products that meet the highest of industry standards and are geared to deliver exceptional lighting solutions today. Embrace the future of lighting with Marc Led’s P2 LED profiles.

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