Plaster-In LED Profile

Give your LED lights a stylish finish and integrate them seamlessly by installing them in a plaster-in aluminium profile. Here at Marc LED, we offer the highest quality profiles that are both stylish and affordable. They're the perfect item if you want LED fixtures in your home. Check out our products below!

Plaster-In LED Strip

While LED strips are flexible and can be used in a variety of situations. They are usually not very functional as permanent fixtures. The exposed strips don't look good, the LEDs don't give off uniform lighting, and, overall, they make the design look cheap and unappealing.

This is where the LED plaster-in profile comes in:

  • They can seamlessly integrate into their surroundings and create a modern, chic design. Excellent shadow-gap lighting
  • They give you a stylish finish as they allow you to hide the strips, wiring, etc. Perfect for surface-mounted LED lighting.
  • They fasten the strips in place and act as a protective shell, increasing the durability and stability of your lighting setup.

These benefits and more are the reasons why a plasterboard profile is an incredibly popular item in LED setups. And with Marc LED, you're only going to get the best of the best: each one of our LED aluminium profiles is made from high-quality materials, carefully designed down to the last inch, and is extremely affordable. Check out our selection above and decide for yourself: We're sure you won't be disappointed in our LED skirting boards.

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