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LED backlights

Discover the impressive and extensive range of LED backlights at Marc Led, UK’s online store for high-quality LED products. Offering superior energy efficiency and longevity, our LED backlights provide vibrant and balanced illumination that is perfect for various spaces and applications. Whether you’re looking for lights for commercial use or residential units, you are guaranteed to find the LED backlights that meet and exceed your expectations.

LED Backlights That Truly Shine

LED backlights from Marc Led are designed with functionality and style in mind. Perfect for backlighting translucent materials, providing a subtle glow to your spaces, or simply highlighting an area, these products are versatile and effective. Each module in our collection is known for its high-quality performance and durability.

For those seeking soft and gentle illumination, consider options such as the 24Vdc 16W 2700K 1-LED-Cut Flexible Soft Backlight Module/Sheet SMD2835 or the 24Vdc 16W 3000K 1-LED-Cut Flexible Soft Backlight Module/Sheet SMD2835. These LED backlights set the right ambiance and mood, whether it’s for a cosy living room or a professional workspace.

Our collection also includes the robust and high-performing 24Vdc 10W 2700K CC Samsung SMD5630 Rigid LED Module/Panel 100x100mm and 24Vdc 10W 3000K CC Samsung SMD5630 Rigid LED Module/Panel 100x100mm, perfect for those who prefer their lighting solutions to be sharp and bright.

The 24Vdc 7.2W 2700K CC 160 Degree SMD2835 Light Bar CRI90 250x20mm and 24Vdc 7.2W 3000K CC 160 Degree SMD2835 Light Bar CRI90 250x20mm, on the other hand, are perfect for those who prefer their lighting solutions to be adjustable and discreet, providing just the right amount of light without overwhelming the senses.

Shop at Marc Led and experience the quality and versatility of our LED backlights. With our extensive choices, reliable delivery, and excellent customer service, you are not only shopping for high-quality LED products, but also investing in a pleasant shopping experience. Explore our LED backlights collection today and find the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

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