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LED Profile TL2

At Marc Led, we offer a wide range of LED-related products, with one of our most popular categories being the TL2 - Aluminium LED Profile. Our TL2 LED profiles come in various forms, including anodized, black and painted white models. Their robust structure, combined with the advanced LED technology, provides not only a modern look but also efficient lighting. Alongside the profiles, we offer the needed accessories like extra covers and diffusers, mounting brackets and connectors for your lighting project.

Excellent Range of TL2 - Aluminium LED Profile

Our TL2 - Aluminium LED Profile encompasses the best of design and functionality, making it a favourite amongst our customers across the UK. With dimensions of 23mm x 25mm, they are engineered to provide a sleek and elegant finish to any location, be it commercial or residential.

The TL2 LED profiles come in varying lengths, ranging from 1m up to 2m, to fully cater to the diverse requirements of your space. They are available in anodised silver and black or painted white, giving you a choice to match your existing decor. Each set comes with a cover, providing efficient light diffusion for a smooth and eye-pleasing effect.

Furthermore, to ensure seamless installation and usage, we offer various accessories tailored specifically for our TL2 LED profiles. From extra black click diffusers to mounting brackets and straight connectors, we have every component you need to set up your LED lighting with absolute ease.

For those wishing to experiment before committing, we also provide samples of the TL2 LED profile. Use these to visualise how these profiles can bring your lighting vision to life.

Not just a name in selling LED products, Marc Led is synonymous with quality, innovation and unrivalled customer service. Shop with us today and let us help you illuminate your spaces in style.

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