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P5 LED Profile, Floor

Step onto a brighter, more vibrant space with the P5 Floor LED Aluminium Profile, exclusively presented by Marc Led. As one of the UK’s leading online LED marketplaces, we merge design and technology to deliver flooring solutions that not only illuminate but also inspire.

P5 Floor LED Aluminium Profile

The P5 Floor LED Aluminium Profile offers a revolutionary approach to floor lighting. Seamlessly integrating into floors, these profiles are designed to provide a streamlined and flush finish. Crafted from raw aluminium, these recessed profiles have been meticulously engineered to ensure durability while adding a touch of elegance to every room.

Dive into our premium range:

  • P5 recessed LED profiles in various lengths: Whether you’re looking for the compact 1m or the expansive 3m, our raw aluminium profiles ensure a sleek integration into any floor. Each comes equipped with a special diffuser, offering a uniform and soft luminosity.
  • Sample of P5 LED profile: Ideal for those wanting a firsthand look and feel before making a final choice. This recessed extrusion, crafted from raw aluminium, is paired with a diffuser to guarantee optimal lighting output.
  • P5 extra diffusers: Available in lengths ranging from 1m to 3m, these additional diffusers ensure that you always have the flexibility to customize or replace as needed.
  • P5 Aluminium channel: Specifically designed for LED strips, this 485mm non-anodized (raw) channel is the perfect companion for those seeking a distinct lighting pathway.

With Marc Led’s P5 Floor LED Aluminium Profile, your floors don’t just support but also shine. As both a functional and aesthetic addition, they promise to redefine the way you experience spaces. Dive into a world where every step is radiant, only with Marc Led. Trust in our commitment to quality, innovation, and design excellence.

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