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LEDs are an incredibly reliable means of lighting up your home. It's the dedication to providing homes and other areas with incredible lighting that led to the creation of Marc LED Ltd.

We are a company that has spent years gaining valuable experience in the field of lighting solutions. We tirelessly work on bringing you the best LED solutions you could ever dream of, and to achieve that, we partner up with many specialists who know exactly how to go about researching, developing, and manufacturing cutting edge LED lights.

Our mission is to chase away the darkness with reliable lighting solutions. Whether it's your home, office, commercial area, or perhaps you garden or other outdoor area, you can count on us.  With a robust selection of LEDs and accessories you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need.

Marc LED's robust selection of lights is of top quality and we owe it to the fact that all the brands that make the products we sell are top players on the market. Our main advantage is that we can provide you with some of the most reliable products, while also keeping the prices at a low level. We do this because we recognise that our customers are our most important asset.

LED lighting is not only the most cost-effective solution available, but also one of the most eco-friendly.

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What Is a Ballast and Why Don’t LED Lights not Need Them?

23/01/2023 Although this has largely been imperceptible, lighting technology has come a long way in the past few decades, and many things considered essential in legacy fluorescent lighting systems are no longer...

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What Are the Brightest LED Lights?

02/12/2022 Because of their great efficiency, durability, and range of possible and brilliant colour gamut, light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are at the forefront of modern lighting for domestic, enterprise, and i...

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Lighting Solutions for Windowless Rooms

28/11/2022 It’s certainly not pleasant to have a room without windows. Light is fundamental to our lives. Having a home that is well-lit by natural light is important not only to enjoy the sun’s rays penet...

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Using Colour Temperature LED Lighting to Improve Your Sleep

13/10/2022 Did you know that lighting has an impact on your daily life? It may even be more severe than you think. How do you pick  lighting that's going to have a positive effect on your life? It can be espec...

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