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Plaster-in C3M LED Profile

Welcome to the Plaster-In C3M LED Profile category at Marc Led. This exclusive collection features plaster-in LED profiles that are designed to provide seamless and clean illumination in plasterboard installations. Perfect for creating a minimalist and modern aesthetic, these profiles can be integrated directly into the architecture of your space.

Plaster-In C3M LED Profile: Seamless Integration, Sublime Illumination

The C3M LED profiles are offered in lengths of 1 meter, 2 meters, and 3 meters, providing flexibility for various project scales. Each profile comes in a raw aluminium finish, designed to blend seamlessly into plasterboard for a clean, integrated lighting solution.

Our plaster-in LED profiles come with a cover, contributing to a more uniform light diffusion while protecting your LED strips from dust and damage. This ensures your LED lights maintain their longevity and effectiveness.

Extending the Possibilities with Accessories

Our Plaster-In C3M LED Profile category doesn't just stop at the profiles. We offer an assortment of accessories to help you get the most out of your lighting project.

We provide samples of our Alu-Ceiling C3M LED profile, allowing you to get a feel for the product and how it will integrate into your plasterboard installations. Additionally, we offer extra end caps for the C3M profile, ensuring a neat finish to your lighting setup.

Our range also includes extra diffusers and covers in various lengths, from 1 meter to a 20 meter reel. These are designed to be compatible with a broad array of our LED profiles, including C3M, T1D, TL2, T3, TL2F, T22L, and T22H. We also offer these in a black click option, providing you with more design flexibility.

Plaster-In C3M LED Profile category provides an all-inclusive solution for those seeking a sleek, modern lighting experience. Discover the range at Marc Led and transform your spaces with lighting that truly complements your architecture.

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