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If you are looking for top-quality LED profiles
If you pay attention to the finer details of lighting design
If you need an easy-to-install LED channel or tape

Our store is for you!

The products available at Marc LED will definitely fit your tastes. Even the most demanding customer will be delighted with the smart design of our spotlights, surface-mounted luminaires, various LED profiles and the plethora of other items available in our store.

Each LED channel, tape extrusion or strip profile has numerous features that appeal to both regular customers and interior designers. They are easily fixed to ceilings, floors, corners or other places inside any commercial or residential building. While many people think LED lights are purely for interior design, we offer powerful, high-quality aluminium profiles for LED lighting that makes the exterior of any building light up during the night. It is truly one of the best ways to increase a building's curb appeal and make the right impression during nighttime.

Moreover, all extrusions, channels and tapes can be easily cut to your preferred size with the use of simple tools and, as a result, they perfectly fit the length of your stairs, mirrors or walls. Although many stores offer a standard LED profile channel for specific uses, they rarely offer the flexibility and customization options we here at Marc LED offer with our products.

The recessed type of LED aluminium profile is also suitable for lighting select types of furniture such as shelves, drawers or cupboards. In fact, each of our LED profile products is a versatile solution with the only limit of their application being your imagination. Don't limit yourself to a specific LED profile or extrusion, choose our store and select your ideal items from a massive selection of LED profiles that include everything you can possibly need.

You can choose an LED profile in its raw, aluminium form or select one of the available finishes, such as:

  • anodized (inox, silver, black or gold),
  • painted,
  • or wood-like.

There are different LED strip profile accessories prepared as well, including a variety of:

  • end caps,
  • L-shaped brackets,
  • special mounting clips
  • and diffusers/covers.

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Active filters

They give you complete freedom to alter the LED tape extrusion in any way you need.

Standard LED strip channel lengths include not only 1 and 2 metres, but also 2.5 metre long extrusions. Of course, we cannot forget about our customers with non-standard requirements. You can also order customised, 3-metre profiles adjusted according to your needs and demands. You only need to contact us with your requirements, and we'll get back to you ASAP with an offer you can't refuse.

Here at Marc LED, we always put our customers first, and we show that in the type of LED profiles we offer. Light up your kitchen, living room or bathroom and enjoy the pleasant rays of light coming out of a subtle LED strip aluminium profile. And if you prefer stronger lights, we have high-performance LED extrusion profiles that can answer the call. In any case, our goal is to give you all the tools you need to have full control over lighting in your building.

LED Aluminium Profiles - Marc LED

At Marc LED, you can be sure that you’re always getting the best product on the market. No matter what type of LED light you choose, you can be sure that, despite the low price we offer, they are made using the most reliable materials and with the greatest attention to detail. In short, we, at Marc LED, never cut any corners – we always deliver the best possible product, and this truly reflects in our LED profiles.

Our selection of LED strip light profile, LED aluminium extrusion, LED strip extrusion, etc. is one of the most varied and robust in the country. Whether you’re trying to illuminate your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, we have just the right LED profile for you. Our portfolio includes lights that have a variety of profiles of different sizes, shapes, and weights. You’ll find just what you need, whether it’s an LED aluminium strip or tape, LED channels or extrusions.

Long-Life Designed Extrusions

Whichever product you end up choosing for your home, you can be sure that they’ll last for a long time. That’s an inherent trait of LED lighting that all of our products have – they have extreme longevity meaning that not only do you not need to worry about changing your LED profile channel or LED tape profile, or any other of our products anytime soon, but you’re also conserving energy and thus protecting the environment when you use LED lighting. In a world where energy prices are increasing, taxes on fossil fuels are picking up steam, and there are massive renewable and environmental protection initiatives all around the world, buying an LED profile not only makes environmental sense, but it also makes economic sense.

You can also count on an incredible depth of customisation. LED lights come in a variety of shapes and forms, from strips, tapes, etc. to more conventional bulbs and lights. You also get to choose between dimmable and non-dimmable variants as well as varying light colours from warmer to colder hues. All of these mean one thing: you can freely customise lighting in any room you want. Do you want a high-quality, bright LED profile channel to make a hallway look professional and stylish? you can get it in our store. Do you want a more inconspicuous LED aluminium strip to add to your kitchen to make it feel more modern? You can find it in our store.