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LED Profile KH2

Take your lighting solutions to the next level with the premium KH2 - Aluminium LED Profiles from Marc Led. Outstanding in quality and innovative in design, our extensive range of products within this category provide the ultimate LED enhancing experience. Expertly designed to efficiently dissipate heat, protect your LED strips and add a touch of elegance to the surroundings, they are an essential addition to any modern home or office environment.

Discover the World of KH2 - Aluminium LED Profiles

At Marc Led, we understand that lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and creating the perfect ambience in any space. Our KH2 - Aluminium LED Profiles not only offer optimal protection but also enhance the appearance and longevity of your LED installations.

These aluminium profiles are impeccably designed with an anodised silver finish, providing a sleek and refined aesthetic. Whether you opt for a 1m or 2m length, each profile comes as a complete set with a diffuser, ensuring a soft and even distribution of light. Additionally, the profiles are offered in a pure white painted finish, offering versatility and style to blend seamlessly with all interiors.

Outfitting your LED strips within our sturdy aluminium profiles guarantees exceptional heat dissipation. The coating ensures a durable, corrosion-resistant finish that significantly extends the lifespan of your LED strips. This factor could make all the difference in intensive and demanding applications such as ambient lighting in kitchens, bathrooms or retail spaces.

Variations and Extras

Our range of product options doesn't stop at profiles — we offer a vast array of add-ons to complement the KH2 - Aluminium LED Profiles. Choose from a selection of extra diffusers and end caps, in various lengths to suit your specific project needs. For added ease in installation, we also provide the KH2 metal clip spring for LED channel, ensuring your LED setup is secure and intact.

Your lighting solutions deserve the best. Trust in the innovative, versatile and performance-driven KH2 - Aluminium LED Profiles from Marc Led. Illuminate your spaces with style and efficiency now.

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