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LED profile T2

Here you'll find a wide range of LED aluminium profiles designed with precision to offer a perfect solution for your LED strip lights. No matter your design preferences or lighting needs, these products are engineered to deliver performance without compromising on aesthetics.

LED Profile T2: Versatility Meets Elegance

The T2 LED profiles in our collection come with dimensions of 12mm x 12mm, offering a compact and subtle lighting solution. Choose from lengths of 1 meter or 2 meters to suit your installation needs.

We know that every project is unique, and that's why we offer our T2 profiles in raw aluminium, anodized silver, anodized black, and painted white finishes. Regardless of your color preference, each T2 profile is designed to blend seamlessly with your décor.

Along with each profile, we provide a cover that enhances light diffusion and protects your LED strips, ensuring they continue to shine bright for a long time.

Complete Your Setup with Essential Accessories

In the LED Profile T2 category, we also provide a selection of necessary accessories. This includes samples of each type of T2 LED profile, allowing you to get a feel for the product before making a purchase decision.

We offer metal clip springs in standard, black, and white options, providing secure installation of your LED profiles. Additionally, we have extra end caps specifically for the T2 profile for a clean finish to your setup.

Extra diffusers and covers are also available in lengths ranging from 1 meter to a 20 meter reel. These are compatible with T1, T2, and DWT1 profiles, and come in standard and black options.

LED Profile T2 category offers a comprehensive selection of products to create a tailor-made lighting solution. Dive into the range at Marc Led and brighten your spaces with precision and style.

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