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LED profile T1

Welcome to the T1 - Aluminium LED Profile category at Marc Led, your one-stop online source for all things LED related. This sought-after range is designed to enhance any environment that requires superior lighting solutions. The T1 LED profiles are available in a variety of styles, each boasting an exceptional build quality with sleek finishing in anodised silver, painted white, or anodised black. These innovative profile sets come complete with covers and offer an effective solution for beautifully recessed LED strips.

T1 - Aluminium LED Profile: Lighting Redefined

The T1 Aluminium LED Profile range available at Marc Led is your gateway to achieving an aesthetically pleasing, cutting-edge lighting décor in your space. These products are designed with both functionality and style in mind, not to mention their impact in enhancing lighting efficiency significantly.

The T1 LED profiles, offered in varying lengths of 1m, 2m, and samples sizes, provide the perfect fit for your unique lighting needs. Coupled with the versatility of the provided 12mm x 11.2mm dimensions, every LED tape slot into these profiles like a charm, making for an effortlessly clean and uncluttered layout.

Our T1 Aluminium LED Profile sets are not just about elegant design and flexibility; they are also about durability. With their anodised finishes, these products exhibit increased strength and resistance to corrosion, ensuring durable wear in any setting. Whether you are looking for an anodised silver, painted white, or anodised black finish, Marc Led is the UK's trusted online retailer for all your LED lighting needs.

These LED profiles are more than a lighting solution; they are versatile and user-friendly. Pair them with the T1 extra diffuser, available in black and opal colours, to further enhance the light diffusion. Complete the setup with our T1 end caps providing a neat finish to your T1 aluminium LED profiles.

Redefine lighting in your space today! Explore our T1 - Aluminium LED Profile range to find the perfect fit for your lighting needs

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