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Input Voltage: 24Vdc

Available in a wide variety of lengths, colours, and styles, Marc LED offers an incredible selection of 24Vdc flexible LED strips, guaranteed to provide you with exactly the type of lighting you need.

If you’re looking for the perfect lights for under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, shelf lighting, pool lighting, deck lighting, or anything else requiring a reliable light source, 24V LED strips are just what you need.

24Vdc LED Strip Lighting

Modern: these types of LED strips/tapes are modern and stylish, and they can easily fit into recessed profiles to give your home or office an excellent, unintrusive, and chic lighting source.

Energy-efficient: LED lights are known for their energy efficiency, and this is as true for our 24V LED lights. If you want to get long-lasting, stylish lighting while cutting down on energy bills, this is for you.

Excellent as ornamental lighting: due to the higher voltage, 24V LED strips can extend up to 7 meters, and this makes 24V RGB LED strip lights an excellent choice as it means you won't be limited by their lengths when you create ornamental lighting. 

24v LED Frequently Asked Questions

For these reasons and many more, you should check out the 24Vdc CCT LED strip we have to offer here at Marc LED. Every LED strip we offer is high-quality, stylish, and affordable, and you’ll also find various accessories at our store to design a lighting system that truly fits your vision.

Is a 12V or 24V LED strip better?

24V LED pros:

They are more flexible: 12V LED strips are usually limited to strips of 5 meters or so in length, while 24V LED strips can be as long as 7 to 8 meters. This gives you more flexibility over how you use red LED lights, blue LED lights, and green LED strip lights in your home or office design.

They have more compact power supplies: Due to the higher voltage, 24V LED strips need less amperage to operate, which means smaller, more compact power supplies.

They are more efficient: higher voltage items can draw more wattage with less amperage, which makes them more efficient. The higher the voltage, the less electricity lost to resistance generally speaking.

12V LED pros:

They are more durable: generally speaking, the higher the voltage of a piece of equipment, the more heat it generates, and this can slowly chip away and degrade the item. That's why a 12V LED strip will generally last longer.

12V is very common: From LED strip to LED tape, 12V is the most common voltage for LED lights, and this means there are more replacement parts, accessories, etc. available for 12V products.

Whether you're looking for 12Vdc Led strips or 24Vdc LED tape, you'll be able to find the best quality products at Marc LED.

How long can a 24V LED strip be?

A 24V strip can generally be 1-2 meters longer than a 12V LED strip without losing charge, which means a 24Vdc LED strip can be as long as 7 meters. This extra length is important for ornamental and practical lighting.

Can I run a 12V LED strip at 24V?

The short answer is no. If you connect a 12V LED strip to a 24V system, it will cause the LED strip to burn. There are workarounds, however: by installing a 24V to a 12V convertor and connecting the LED strip to the latter, you can operate a 12V LED strip within a 24V system.

Can an LED strip run on 24V?

Yes, LED lights can run on a variety of different voltages, with the two most popular being 12Vdc and 24Vdc. You can't go wrong with buying an LED strip that runs on either voltage if you choose one of our products at Marc LED.

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