4 Benefits of Using LED Extrusion (Channels)

With increased demand for LED lights comes an ever-increasing demand for LED housing as well. Chief among them and by far the most popular is LED aluminum extrusions. They offer several key benefits that make them highly valuable for anyone who has or wants to purchase LED strip lights. In this article, we’ll go over these benefits so our readers can make a more informed purchasing decision and learn about ways they can improve and upgrade their lighting setups!
LED strip lights are becoming increasingly popular in households and businesses alike, and this is for good reason. They offer excellent lighting, consume less energy, require little maintenance, are more environmentally friendly, and are more durable when compared to alternative light sources.

#1 Improves the Quality of the LED Lighting

While LED strips provide more than adequate lighting, entirely on their own, the light distribution is often uneven and unequal. While this might not matter if you are using the LED strip lights for decoration, for example, if you want to use it as environmental, accent, or cove lighting, it’ll often feel inadequate.

This is where LED extrusions come in. Often including a defuser, these fixtures both focus and diffuse the light that comes from LED strips. By choosing the direction the LED extrusions face, you can also determine the direction in which it projects LED strip lights.

So, whether you want to turn the LED lights into accent lighting and highlight a specific item or you want to use it to light up a general area, you can easily do it if you install the strip inside aluminum channels.

#2 Gives More Freedom over the Design of the Lighting Fixtures

LED strips, which are thin, long strips that contain a large number of small LED lights, are simply not very wieldy. Without any accessories, you are typically very limited in how you place them. You might be able to fasten them to specific locations using tapes, but this is only a temporary solution that doesn’t look very good. You can also wrap them around trees, for example, but that also has very limited applications.

By using LED extrusions, you gain far more freedom over how, where, and in which manner you place your LED light. Want LED profiles fastened to the ceiling? Need LED extrusions around the edges of a room? Though it might not be a good idea, you can even install an aluminum channel in the center of the wall. This freedom is invaluable when designing the lighting system in a building.

#3 Provides Protection for Your LED Strip Lights

Individual LED lights are very durable. They can operate for years, continuously, without any interruption. They have a longer shelf-life than almost all the alternatives. LED lighting strips, however, are generally very delicate and can be easily broken, ripped apart, or otherwise damaged.

This is where aluminum channels shine. An LED channel protects LED strip lights from physical damage, whether it is wear or tear. It is an excellent way to ensure the reliability and durability of your LED strip lighting setup.

#4 Makes the LED Strip Light Setup Appear Professional

Although LED lighting strips are usually high-quality and provide excellent lighting, they are not very sightly if they are not properly in-closed in a casing.

Aluminum extrusions are an excellent candidate for such a casing. Thanks to their modern, minimalistic shapes, they can properly fit into a multitude of interior and exterior designs. They make your lighting setup look professional, stylish, and put together without any LED tapes clearly visible. 

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