Using Colour Temperature LED Lighting to Improve Your Sleep

Using Colour Temperature LED Lighting to Improve Your Sleep

Did you know that lighting has an impact on your daily life? It may even be more severe than you think. How do you pick  lighting that’s going to have a positive effect on your life? It can be especially impactful when it comes to your sleep quality. Below, you’re going to get all the necessary knowledge to choose the right option.

The Impact Artificial Light Has on You

All kinds of artificial light are intrinsic to the modern world and make life easier every single day. One thing to keep in mind, though: exposure to different lighting options has differing effects on your wellbeing. Make sure that you only use the LED light colour that is bound to be good for you when you’re trying to fall asleep. Obviously, you can’t be in control all the time, and you’re going to be exposed to many different types of lighting, but keep in mind that when the choice is up to you,  you can make your life better by simply picking the right coloured LED. The basic rule is: the warmer the light, the easier it will be to fall asleep.

Obviously, in most cases, it’s best not to have any lighting around when you’re trying to fall asleep. Such conditions are the easiest to actually fall asleep in, as darkness doesn’t have an irritating effect on our brains and eyes like artificial light does. It’s simply natural to sleep in the dark. Some types of lighting though can make it easier to sleep. So it’s not that simple.

Blue Light vs Red Light vs Green Light

While you’re always encouraged to reduce blue light exposure as blue light is generally bad for you in this specific situation, there are light colours that might come in handy. Forget about blue or green light, the best light for sleep is a red light bulb. You can also use other types of lighting with a similar feel to them. It’s all about adding warmer undertones to your lighting to create conditions that make it easier to fall asleep. Blue and white lights are simply too harsh as night lights but red light bulbs or yellow ones can bring about positive change.

It’s all about the scientifically proven role that light plays in your life without you even noticing. It can help in a lot of ways, and it could be beneficial for you to invest in amber light bulbs or read more about red light therapy. Now that you know why you should avoid blue light exposure, especially as night light, what does red and amber light do to your brain exactly? In layman’s terms, it makes it easier for your brain to relax, therefore making it significantly less problematic to actually sleep with no distractions and be well rested.

Pick the Best LED Lighting for Sleep

It’s a simple solution but can completely change the quality of your life. Even though blue light and white light may be a worse option if you’re trying to sleep, they are still a suitable lighting source in different situations. They’re basically the opposite of red and yellow light and have the opposite effect. Stock up on LED light in colours that match your needs, don’t discard cooler colours as they work wonders during the day.

MarcLED has everything you need to make your sleep cycle what you need it to be. Use our top-notch light colour options to get the best results. No matter what colour of LED lights you want, you’ll find it in our offer. Make sure that you opt for a good-quality option. Make sure that the LED bulbs or strips you choose are worth it. At MarcLED, you have nothing to worry about.

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