Guide to LED Architectural Lighting

A Handy Guide to LED Architectural Lighting

Lighting can change a building’s looks from classic and timeless to brand new and fabulous. The best thing about it is that everyone can have their own stylistic preferences as there are countless lighting setups. It is not just good for brightening up the interior but, apart from that, it can be a funky way of improving the inside or even the outside of any building.

The lighting alone can transform a place completely and it is a sensational finishing touch to make the building really special and noticeable. It can also be used as something entirely functional to enhance the overall safety.

LED in Comparison With Other Types of Lighting


Architectural LED lighting is a vastly known and respected method of brightening up any space. It does not need to be changed often, aproximately only once every ten years or so which makes it significantly better than other kinds of lighting.


Its quality is also one of the things that sets it apart and is the reason why so many people decide on using it. This type of lighting also takes significantly less time to reach peak therefore proving its superiority.


Not only are LED lights a solution proven to be unproblematic and classy but they also are the most cost effective.

This method of lighting spaces lives up to the hype and is definitely worth thinking of when you are in need of a lighting design, considering the aforementioned advantages. And the most important fact – there is no difference in the colour or tone of LED lighting when compared to traditional lightbulbs.

Impact on the environment

When a LED bulb is all used up it can be recycled, contary to its traditional counterpart. That makes it particularly better for the natural environment. So, by switching to architectural LED lighting, you are saving money and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Any unfavourable opinions on this kind of architectural lighting stem from prior iterations of LED lighting when it was not as developed as it is today. Nowadays, this lighting solution not only lives up to the traditional ones but it also surpasses them.


With LED lighting many risks that are usually synonimous with bulbs are eliminated therefore offering a far safer and less anxiety inducing option. Traditional bulbs are obviously a fire hazard as they produce heat. LED bulbs however make a more comfortable alternative.

Unique Options


Another advantage of such architectural lighting design is that there is a plethora of colours available so the number of options is nearly unlimited. You can pick from all the shades of all the colors, from subtle ones like white, to more extravagant like blue or green. But the best thing about it is that LED lighting is closer to natural lighting than any other type of lightbulbs on the market.


You can set the ambience of the place exactly how you want it to be with a selection of colour temperatures. Your lights can be either natural, warm or cool depending on your preference. When you want to set the mood for special occasions LED lights are definitely going to come in handy when arranging unforgettable decor.


They are available in a variety of forms:

– Bulbs
– LED lamps
– Under cabinet lights
– Strip lights
– Aluminium profiles
– LED tapes
– LED backlights
– Gypsym lights

Possible ways of use

Every single one of the LED forms is a good option depending on what your particular needs are. And that is also what makes them so unique and fun, they come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone can have their own preferences on what exactly they want to do with them so they allow creativity and the only limit is our imagination.

LED Power Supply

MarcLed offers a range of LED power supplies as LED lights need less power but need it nonetheless. It is available in many forms among which are:

– Constant current drivers
– Constant voltage drivers

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The importance of LED drivers

Those are really important because without them your LED lighting would cease to work. They make sure that it works well and supply them with electricity that they need to function properly.


Designed architectural lighting can be used as both a way to enhance the safety of a building and a way to make it more interesting-looking and modern. LED lighting makes it possible for everyone to make their vision come to life. It has a positive effect on both the people using it and the environment.

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