Illuminate Your Stairs With LEDs

Illuminate Your Stairs With LEDs

LED lights offer an innovative way to beautify and lighten up your stairwell in one stroke. The radiance of your stairs generally becomes hampered at night due to reduced visibility, which may also cause accidental slips and falls. Thankfully, you can enhance the aesthetics and visibility of your staircase with LED lights.

Types Of LED Lights

There are two primary ways of brightening your stairs with LEDs. The first is via spotlights embedded into the walls, while the second is through LED strips. Both options are equally efficient in sprucing up the visibility and look of your staircase, but it is more economical to use LED strips.

– LED Spot Lights: LED spotlights are embedded into the walls right by the steps, illuminating each step with any color of your choosing. The wires and cables are passed through a conduit system (hidden from public view), transmitting a square light glow by each step. LED spotlights are particularly ideal if your stairs are by the walls.

– LED Strips: LED strips are an economical alternative to illuminating your staircase with spotlights. LED strips provide enormous flexibility, as they can be cut to fit the size of each step and don’t require making any cuts in the wall. They also ensure an equal distribution of light on each rung since they are cut to fit.

Factors To Consider When Illuminating Your Stairwell With LEDs

When it comes to LED illuminators, it is essential to consider several factors like the light source, location of the stairs, and the type of building involved.

1. The most crucial factor to consider is the location of the stairs. LED lights have varying IP (this determines where the lights are best suited) ratings for indoor and outdoor use. LEDs made for outdoor stairs usually have a higher IP protection rating (IP40 and above) than those designed for internal use. Similarly, commercial buildings and gardens require LEDs with a higher IP rating than residential homes.

2. Another essential factor is the color of the LED lights. LED lights are generally monochrome or RGB. Monochromatic LED whites are usually green, white, blue, or red, while RGB lights are multicolored – allowing you to switch between color combinations. This color switch enables you to set the mood in your home/building and complement the existing decor.

In addition to their lighting and artistic benefits, LED lights are energy-efficient and economical, providing your stair rungs with much-needed visibility and aesthetic appeal.

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