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Connectors for flexible LED strips

Dive into our extensive category of Connectors for Flexible LED Strips. With a wide range of products designed to make your LED strip projects seamless and hassle-free, we ensure your illumination journey is a bright one. Step into our world of innovative lighting solutions and find the perfect connector to bring your creative vision to life.


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Connectors for Flexible LED Strips

When it comes to LED lighting, ensuring a smooth, unbroken flow of light is paramount. That's where our Connectors for Flexible LED Strips category steps in. These essential components are designed to bridge gaps, navigate corners, and facilitate extensions in your LED strips, creating a seamless integration of lights.

Our collection includes extension connectors like 'Extension Connector 10mm Phoenix Contact, PCB - PTF 0,3/ 4-FLEX-I-10' and 'Extension Connector 8mm Phoenix Contact, PCB - PTF 0,3/ 4-FLEX-I-8' perfect for extending your light setup. If you're looking to split your LED strips in different directions, our T-Connectors such as 'T-Connector 10mm Phoenix Contact, PCB - PTF 0,3/ 4-FLEX-T-10' and 'T-Connector 8mm Phoenix Contact, PCB - PTF 0,3/ 4-FLEX-T-8' are your best bet.

Navigate corners effortlessly with our Corner Connectors like 'Corner Connector 10mm Phoenix Contact, PCB - PTF 0,3/ 4-FLEX-L-10' and 'Corner Connector 8mm Phoenix Contact, PCB - PTF 0,3/ 4-FLEX-L-8'. Furthermore, we offer a wide array of PCB Connectors and Tape to Tape universal connectors that require no soldering, making them convenient and user-friendly.

Our versatile range of connectors are specifically designed to provide optimal connectivity and durability for LED flexible tapes, regardless of the color or design. From universal connectors with or without connection wires, to connectors designed for multi or RGB color LED flexible tape, we have everything you need to make your lighting project a success.

Choose Marc Led, for professional-grade connectors that deliver not just reliable connections, but also a brilliant lighting experience. Let us brighten your world, one LED strip at a time.

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